About Us

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HEAL California is about having a healthcare system that keeps us well while compassionately taking care of us when we’re not.

This is far from what we have. When we most need help, we face endless paperwork, sky-high costs and a faceless, unresponsive non-system. Everything is way harder and more expensive than it needs to be.

We need a simple, paperless, coordinated, affordable, transparent and accessible system.

That way, health care would be easy to get, easy to use and available to everyone – a public service, like the fire department, not a business.

We can do this! Working together, we can change anything – even our broken and expensive healthcare system.

The perfect place to start is “California” and the perfect time is “Now!”

Join our online advocacy community and together, let’s HEAL California!


HEAL California (Healthcare Equality At Last – California) is a project of the California OneCare Education Fund, a 501c3. Our board members – all volunteers – are dedicated to winning high-quality, affordable, comprehensive and fair healthcare for every one.

Don Schroeder, PhD

Chairperson, California OneCare


Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH

Treasurer, California OneCare


George Savage

Secretary, California OneCare


Jeanne Ertle

Vice Chair, California OneCare


Joan Abrahamson, PhD, JD

Board Member


Hank Abrons, MD, MPH

Board Member


Ana Mascareñas, MPH

Board Member


Sylvia Moore, JD

Board Member


Kathy Lander, MA, MFT

Board Member


Alberto Saavedra, MBA

Board Member


Andrew McGuire

Executive Director, California OneCare & HEAL California


Georgia Brewer

Associate Director, California OneCare & HEAL California